Recruitment Campaigns
30 Mar 2018

Recruitment Campaigns

Spoon Consulting as one of the most innovative company of Mauritius is continuously demonstrating our capacity to recruit fresh graduates and to welcome trainees in the IT professional world.

We hosted several job fairs to interact with the job seekers and provide them with best guidance for their first jump in the professional world.

Our Open Day in our office at the Vivéa Business Park, offers a good opportunity to fresh graduates to have an overview of the best working environment and to guide them in the choice of their career launching company.

With the objective of keeping our ‘image de marque’ at the University campus, our director was delighted to be member of the jury at the intercohort competition, on the theme, “The importance of communication skills in the IT World.”

Date: 30th-31st March, 2018 (CareerHub Career fair)

Date: 3-4th April, 2018 (UOM Jobfair)



Date: 17th April, 2018 (Open Day)



Date: 20th April, 2018 (Intercohort Competition)