Retail, Distribution & CPG

Retail, Distribution & CPG

General Presentation

Beauty is universal. Beauty is a science. Beauty is a commitment.

Our client has chosen to offer its expertise and energy in the service of women and men worldwide, meeting the infinite diversity of their beauty desires.

They are committed to fulfilling this mission ethically and responsibly.

Putting their customers at the centre of their business was a major step for our client but being able to engage efficiently and effectively with their customers concerning their requests, complaints, feedback and inquiries was far more essential.

Our client therefore required an application to manage their clients interactions with the company in relation to the products sold or with regards to any other inquiry.

The system was to be used by business units in several countries and concerned the multiple products commercialised by the client with more than 50 brands.

It was important to have proper segmentation of data as different teams intervened on different countries or/and brands.

The Salesforce Service cloud was implemented to handle the multiple of custom requests by the customer service teams.

Key Figures

The team consisted of

  • 1 Project manager onsite
  • 1 Senior consultant onsite
  • 1 Delivery manager
  • 1 Senior consultant
  • 4 Technical consultants
  • 4 Rollouts namely Luxe Products, French, UK and Benelux.

1000 mendays spanned over 10 months


Generic rules and processes were implemented while allowing for customisations for brands and countries.

We implemented a solution that was scalable in the sense that new countries/entities could be integrated into the application as and when they were ready to join in.

The application had the required rules to ensure each product team had access to the products and brands they are entitled to within their territory as well as the ability to transfer cases between teams in different countries.

We had to deploy the solution in production while the CRM was already live and each subsequent rollout was done without any disruption of service for teams that were already live.

We provided catered for amendments after each release while working in parallel for the next rollout (workshop, information gathering, implemention, testing, integration testing).

This project is has been an example and good experience for working on an application with existing live functionalities, rollouts per entity and collaborative work with other teams responsible for the existing functionalities and undergoing evolutions on that perimeter while applying the standards and processes of the client.