Adeelah's testimonial


Why did you choose Spoon Consulting ?
Basically, my choice was based on the people and the technology I was going to work with. I was looking for prospects in Oracle which my previous job did not provide me. Spoon had numerous projects in Oracle which was an opportunity not to be missed for me. Moreover, the positive atmosphere was visible as from day one at Spoon.  Concerning flexibility, Spoon, not only talked the talk but also showed that continuing a professional career can embody a good work life balance.


What is your position at Spoon ? Which are the most impressive projects ?

Senior Consultant.

Every project has its own challenges and is different. What is important is that, with learning, we must grow with the company. One of the most impressive projects is Auchan, whereby we were working with Oracle Consulting France. How the functional requirements and the technology were blended into an efficient solution to help the business in its daily operations and processes was a real treat to watch.



5 Words to describe yourself within Spoon Consulting
#Sympathetic,  #Hardworker,  #Teamplayer,  #Challenges,  #Friendly


The « mot de la fin »
Looking forward to new adventures in Spoon