Anoop's Testimonial



Why did you choose IT and Spoon Consulting ?
In 2003, Computer science just took off as one of the pillars of our economy . The ambition to ride and take over this wave was all very natural for the young man I was. So i have seized  the opportunity to do my studies in this field.
Spoon was the first job interview I did after my university studies and I was invited to join the society the next day.  This was a proof of great  confidence from Spoon and I can say it's Spoon who chose me and not the other way round .


What is your position at Spoon ? Which are the most impressive projects ? What are your ambitions for the future ?
I am a senior consultant in Salesforce practice. I participate in the implementation of Salesforce and projects beginning with the gathering of customer requirements and designing the best solutions to meet their needs. Testing and validation is done by the onshore team with our full support
Projects that impressed me, were BIC by the ”brand” it represents and the fact that we have set up an application which generate new products.  Europcar is another very interesting project that allowed me to have a better understanding of the car field and the integration of their back office system with Salesforce for better customer relationship.
My future ambitions are to master the new digital technologies and their integration with customer solutions


5 Words to describe yourself within Spoon Consulting Champion,  # Expert on Demand,   # Team player,  # Adaptability,  # Pragmatic


The « mot de la fin »
Almost 10 years now since  my adventure began with Spoon and  for me, we do not change a winning and  innovative team.