Asvin's testimonial


Why did you choose IT and Spoon Consulting ?
Wanted to take up new challenges, and be involved in large international projects. Also wanted to be part of this organisation, where quality work is always rewarded and appreciated. I wanted to be in an organisation, where there is scope for continuous self development, knowledge sharing and a balance beween professional and personal life - At Spoon Consulting, all of the above are catered for!


What is your position at Spoon ? Which are the most impressive projects ? What are your ambitions for the future ?
As a managing consultant, I have a team of 15 resources, working on SAGE ERP and Microsoft Sharepoint. My role is to ensure quality delivery, within budget, maintain client relationship and ensure development of my team. 
As a managing consultant, I also work clsoely with our clients to provide the best advices and solutions as per 
their requirements. Throughout my career at Spoon Consulting starting back in 2008, I have worked on many big challenging projects for international clients, and here I will refer to CMA CGM and Hyceo on Oracle EBS, and Besins Healthcare and Cofely (GDF Suez) on SAGE X3. Today, when Spoon Consulting is marching on towards grand success, I am very motivated to be part of this march, and continue to drive my team, and Spoon 
Consulting as a whole towards new goals.
5 Words to describe yourself within Spoon Consulting 

#Responsible,  #Détermined,  #Motivated,  #Trust on my team


The « mot de la fin »
Through the years, I have really grown professionally at Spoon Consulting, and I look forward to more such years. Spoon Consulting has everything it takes to be amongst the best IT companies!