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Scrum in a few words

Scrum is an Agile framework for Teams to get work done in an effective way.

Project scope and functionalities are listed in a product backlog by priorities defined by the product owner.
A project release is created with one or more iterations called sprints based on the backlog.
In collaboration with the product owner, the sprint definition is designed by the team and the tasks are created.

Scrum Teams work in fixed iterative cycles from a few weeks up to 30 days.

Every activity, ritual and artifact found in Scrum enables the team to provide visibility, make commitments and focus on continuous improvement.
While there are two roles to help the Team remain concentrated on their objectives, the cross-functional, collaborative Team is the central hub of Scrum.

During a sprint, a daily stand up meeting (called scrum) is organized by the scrum master to give directions on how to apply scrum and to control the progress of the team compared to the initial sprint commitment.
At the end of each increment, the Team discusses their progress to date, receives feedback from their sponsors, and makes any necessary adjustments to reach their goals.
At the end of a sprint, the team has produced an increment: a partial product that can be delivered to the users.