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Why did you choose Spoon Consulting ?
IT is an ongoing  growing industry with daily challenges, analytical needs and strategic solutions for customers in a large variety of business, with a continuous learning curve in many domains :technical, operational and  human.

I chose Spoon Consulting because having previously worked for 4 years in an IT company where I had experienced several technologies, I was given the opportunity  to develop expertise on one of the most innovative  technologies and above all practice new methodologies and implementation methods.


What is your position at Spoon ? Which are the most impressive projects ?
A project for a client with a network franchise  where I had to develop a rather complex billing module. I had a heavy schedule on both professional and personal projects. It had not been easy for me but I 'm glad I managed to reconcile both of them. I had a lot of support  from our director Gilles and our onshore partner on the project. We developed this project in 2011 and we are still working  with the client, and  the onshore project manager.

The project that impressed me most , was for a client in the process of inspection and certification where we conducted the project from beginning to end : on-site collection of the clients’needs , design, development , data migration , implementation , post production support ,  roll-out  for 2 countries and knowledge transfer to the client to subsequently continue with the roll outs of several other countries. This project was a challenge because it was one of the biggest projects we had done at the time and especially with very little intervention from the integrator on site. 90 % of the project was carried out with the team of Spoon! This allowed us to acquire skills and confidence.

For the ambitions, there are several objectives that have been defined for the practice and which are aligned with the sustainable growth of the team.



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 #Hard-Worker  #Ambitious  #Franc #Versatile

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