Varun's testimonial



Why did you choose IT and Spoon Consulting ?
IT is the domain of continuous evolution. Being in the IT industry means I am closer to the new opportunities that the IT industry has to offer.
I was amazed by the atmosphere prevailing at Spoon during my interview. Since Spoon Consulting is a growing company it was an ideal place for me as a fresher to start my career, I was sure that opportunities would not be scarce and I was right.


What is your position at Spoon ? Which are the most impressive projects ? What are your ambitions for the future ?
Consultant on Oracle projects. The ongoing project AUXBO handled by Emmanuel, our onshore manager  is the project that has impressed me the most because we had to do code optimizations and code reuse on programs that were already running correctly. This was indeed a challenge. 
My future ambition is to build up on my existing experience and continue to gather knowledge that will help me in my work. I also plan to get some certifications to boost up my professional value


5 Words to describe yourself within Spoon Consulting
#Hardworking,  #Easy going personality,  #Friendly,  #Challenges,  #Adaptibilities. 


The « mot de la fin »
3 years already at Spoon and it feels like I joined yesterday.